Vows are not required to join the monastery, and are completely voluntary. If you'd like to just hang out with us, read our work or follow us - that makes you an easy-going member of our Monastic Congregation. 

So why vows? Our vows are here to simply give a sense of perspective to an approach to living that’s compatible with the spirit of living more calmly, and hopefully a bit more responsibly.

The monastery welcomes anyone, regardless of age, gender, social status, national origin, past lives, or religious or political persuasions.

THE RULE - every monastery pretty much has one of these.

The Casual Vows


  1. No memorization required

  2. No membership fees

  3. No punishment if you mess up


  1. You do not need to be celibate… unless you need to be.


  1. You do not need the permission of the abbot to take a vow of silence.

  2. You may take a vow of silence at anytime.

  3. Breaking the vow is strictly prohibited — unless you have something to say.


Don't forget to check in with our amazing Vow Master.

The Formal Vows


By joining the order, I (state your name) vow to daily do my best:

  1. To become more relaxed

  2. To keep a sense of humor as a top priority

  3. To keep my mind open, flexible, supple and limber

  4. That I want my heart in the right place, even when it’s not

  5. That I shall always strive for a higher perspective, even when it seems invisible or difficult to achieve

  6. That in a world that’s gone crazy, I will Abide

The Order of Nothingness


The Consciousness Vows

The Nine Vows of the Order of Consciousness

By joining the order, I (state your name) declare I will daily do my best:

  1. To live more simply.

  2. To share what’s good.

  3. To be kind and gentle.

  4. To try to live each day a little more aware than my yesterdays.

  5. To try to live each day being more conscious of consciousness.

  6. To do my best to live my life in a way that makes me an example of modesty and practical responsibility.

  7. To stand up, in my own ways, for social justice and fairness.

  8. To always be open to a higher perspective, and to a deeper and more fundamental reality. I humbly acknowledge that there is far more unknown than known, and I will do my best to always respect that.

  9. To uphold and support the three-fold Purpose of the Order.

The Order of Consciousness

The Three-Fold Purpose of the Order of Consciousness

The Order of Consciousness has been formed to:

  1. Find ways to put into words a practical and universally effective how-to guide for deeper conscious awareness and experiences. Something so universal, and so plainly laid out, that anyone could read it, comprehend it and do it. Something more scalable and readily repeatable than our current methodologies.

  2. Discover, support and/or develop ways to utilize technology to preserve, educate and disseminate the written work of the Order, including various related teachings, organizations, churches and institutions that the monastery supports.

  3. To support and/or promote the growth of knowledge in the field of consciousness, including work that originates from religious and spiritual sources, mysticism, philosophy and science.

We don’t think anyone should pressure themselves to think all of this can necessarily be pulled off in our lifetime. But we like trying.