The Little Creek Monastery

Our Mission:


we are a monastic startup

And we're developing the mystic's latest tools... ... including a how-to roadmap into deeper consciousness.

Definitely more than one lifetime.


Our Mission

We are the monks and nuns of everyday life - fellow travelers sharing insights into consciousness. We also discuss notions like belief and even share mystical experiences.

Check out our hundreds of essays, poems and stories... we'd love for you to join us.

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Our Impact

We're inclusive - that includes religious, atheists and agnostics



Monks, nuns & Mystics

This is us. Everyday people who are behind-the-scenes learners and mystics in everyday life. We are located in the US, with followers from around the world.



Years since our founding

A seeker in The Little Creek Monastery aspires to live and express the spirit of mushin, and is willing to stand up for the place inside themselves that is calm and still.



Priests worldwide

We support both a consciousness research institution and a newly founded and inclusive religion that has some 450,000 priests worldwide.


Our Disciplines

It’s pretty easy to change the world, but it gets harder when you try to improve it.


We’re not out to change the world, except by first improving ourselves. 



Our writings focus on practical philosophical and experiential essays, including insights from the martial arts, consciousness research and science. We publish here.

class warfare

Our main social involvement is speaking out against Class Warfare, including providing the perspective of the martial arts and well as championing The Six Human Rights of Fairness.


Our daily focus is on developing mindful, intentional balance and harmonious behavior in our daily life, in the issues we encounter and in the relationships in which we find ourselves.

Our monastic orders

For anyone who wants to be more active with us, we have three Orders:  The Order of Nothingness, The Order of Consciousness and the (future) Order of Principles. We also have Vows.


"Thich Nhat Hanh proposes that the “next Buddha” or guiding spirit of the coming times will be composed of the members of the spiritual community. The members being the cells in the larger body of consciousness (the Buddha). The monastery feels like a part of this."

Paul Ellis, Founding Writer / Read Full Article



Get Involved

We welcome writers who can help grow the monastery as a world-wide resource for mystics, students and philosophers. We can't offer to pay you - at least not yet. But if  you're deeply motivated in our areas of interest, you might want to consider joining us.


Founding writer

Join us in the early stages of our growth. We're like a pre-funding startup. so it’s a limited opportunity.

contributing writer

If you miss our early stage, this will be your byline. All writers are members of our Writer's Guild.

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We are self-funded, and may seek funding. In the meantime, a cup of coffee would be pretty nice!