Founding Writers


Paul Ellis, founding Writer

Paul is a longtime practitioner of meditation and student of various spiritual systems. He is an initiate of the Sufi Inayati Order. Professionally he is a computer systems administrator of many years. He resides in Virginia, USA. Website

maurice, Founding Writer

Maurice resides in The Netherlands. His writing often focuses on Nietzsche and Proust, with themes of uncovering hidden meanings, time and Paradise. He also contributes poetry.  Website


Kyle Moore, contributing writer

Kyle (writing as Echoed Audacity) is an avid reader, writer, and dedicated scholar and athlete. He enjoys reading the Bible as well as writing essays and articles on the subject. He lives in Missouri, USA. Website



James Souttar, Founding WRiter

James is a communication consultant and designer, thinker, strategist, writer, typographer, type-designer and apprentice Persian calligrapher. He is a long-time student of Sufism and mysticism. He resides in London. Website


Brier Mountain, founding writer

Brier Mountain is native American, and a practicing Buddhist. He resides in Pennsylvania, USA. He was the first person to join the monastery. His deep fondness of traditional practices, including flute and poetry, helped inspire him to name the Komusō as the model for The Order of Nothingness, of which he is the Prior. 


Mark Walter, Founding WRiter

Mark is a sensei in the martial arts of Jiu Jitsu and an Instructor in Consciousness. Professionally he is a building Commissioning Authority, and is cofounder/CEO of a software startup. He resides in California, USA. Website