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Writings on Medium

The monastery’s web-based outreaches have two main functions. First, we are writers. This includes organizing and preserving our own writings, which is our highest priority. Second, we also try to help preserve the writings of the institutions we support.

Please check out our essay categories listed below, including practical, everyday insights, essays on consciousnesss and class warfare,  Field Reports on mystical experiences, and far more. 

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Generally covered from an experiential perspective. Topics include consciousness, belief, certainty and philosophy. Go to Consciousness.

Class Warfare

Class warfare has been going on for a long time. But the current concentration of wealth and power is endangering both the planet and the majority of her people. We speak to these issues in our  Class Warfare collection, and try to do what we can to find solutions.


We are the monks, nuns and mystics of everyday life. And somewhere along the way, the inner space traveler is going to come up against an emptiness. It's a vast world. Find out more about the Nothingness.

Field Reports

Among the writers for the monastery, many of us have had personal experiences that directly or indirectly occurred because of our studies or meditations. We are just beginning to compile what we hope eventually becomes hundreds of stories.


Our homilies include Op/Eds and essays that may not quite fit into any of our standard categories. We are assembling more Scholarly work here.


The Essentials category of writing is based on basic self-defense principles and on essential rules of self defense. The essays are generally designed for use in everyday life situations, challenges and relationships. They are also categorized as Jiu Jitsu and as Other Essentials.

River Mushin

Poetry, Koans and Fables - written or contributed by our monks, nuns, mystics and wandering komusō.


Collected teachings from the monastery and teachers down through the centuries.

The Archives

Various collections stored in our Library and Archives, including essays on Beliefs and Desire.

Mystics & Monastics

These essays get a little more into the grit of what it's like to be a regular everyday person who wants to explore being a casual, laid-back monastic in normal life.


Institutions the Monastery Supports

the center for eternal awareness

Our Center supports the work of Great River Institute, located in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia. Explore GRI's teachings.

the web-based religion of dudeism

The monastery supports the newly-founded, Taoist-based religion Dudeism, and is a resource for 450,000 priests worldwide. Explore Dude Jitsu.



Whether you're religious or not, whether you're an agnostic or an atheist... the thing is, there are things in life that are sacred. This includes what we call the quiet, still or empty place inside each of us.

The monastery is in each of us.

Everyday people need a way to express and honor this value, and our monastery helps preserve that for each of us.

Our backgrounds

Our writers and members have varied backgrounds including Sufism, Native American, Christianity, Judaism, Dudeism, Taoism, Buddhism, Stocism and more.

Our founder is a sensei in the martial arts of Jiu Jitsu and an Instructor in Consciousness Studies.

Collectively, we believe that aspirations to elevate consciousness within ourselves and within our world is a goal that should be highly inclusive.



Find out about the monastery, the three Orders, vows and more.


The Congregation

In traditional monasteries, Congregation members were not required to take vows.

In The Little Creek monastery, anyone who supports or associates with us is a member of the Congregation - vows are not required.

Lineage and Practices

Learn about our lineage and practices on our Welcome page on Medium.

Pictured: Mark Walter, founder and Abbot

Pictured: Mark Walter, founder and Abbot

the Orders

To join The Order of Nothingness requires taking The Six Vows of the Order. You also become a komusō.

To join The Order of Consciousness requires the same Six Vows, and the additional Nine Vows of the Order.

Our monks have contributed some practices and prayers here.



You don’t really need any term of address in the monastery… just be you.

The monastery, however, has optional terms of address — which can be fun or serious, depending on which direction your smile is facing.

In a sense, ‘titles’ in the monastery are about what feels right to you, and mostly about saying, “This is something I enjoy.”

While you're here, check out our Monastic Rule.