Elevating Human Consciousness

How did the ancient sages sage? What had they gone through to get there? What were they observing centuries ago that quantum physicists are relatively recently starting to explore as well?

The traditional approach to deeper conscious awareness

The traditional methods of deepening our awareness and connectivity involve years of training, study and practices. Years that easily turn into decades. My own training took many years, and it continues. In my case, a repeatable methodology was used. I know it was repeatable because it was both repeatedly used on me, and repeated on others. Successfully.

That being said, I don’t find it to be the purpose of The Little Creek Monastery to train people in these traditional methods. Not because they’re not valuable. On the contrary, they are intensely valuable. Rather, because first of all there already exist teachers for these things, and secondly because the monastery sees its mission as more in line with helping those kinds of teachers and students bring forward their own improved methods and applications of the so-called Teachings.

The current paradigm

If every teacher successfully trained two or three students in their lifetime, or even a dozen or a hundred, it’s not enough. Because not only is the progress achingly slow, but attrition occurs. <MORE>